Introducing Birch Accounting’s Knowledge Base

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We empower small businesses with our extensive Knowledge Base - Blog by Birch Accounting

Birch Accounting & Tax Services Ltd. was founded with the purpose of servicing and educating business owners and individuals to empower them in their financial matters. By educating clients like you, we take away the confusion, fear, and uncertainty, and replace it with clarity, freedom, and control over your finances. Over time, we added convenience to our list of top priorities and as a result evolved from desktop applications to cloud-based technology.

The new cloud technology enables our clients and us to save time as well as money. It has optimized bookkeeping in real time with online applications, and all our clients’ tax return information can be uploaded and downloaded securely as and when required. Apart from making this facility available to clients, we also offer business training through screen sharing and webinars.

This year, we decided to empower our clients even further while handling their finances, through the Birch Accounting’s Knowledge Base. This is our very own online help desk for tax and bookkeeping clients. In case clients have questions about accounting, taxes, or our services, they can find detailed answers here immediately. We’ve listed explanations to different situations like how long it takes to complete their books, where they must send their non-resident tax return, what their payroll obligations are, and so on. We’ve even included tips and informative details about tax rates to keep them updated. And, in case the information they need isn’t listed, they can directly call or email their questions to us through the helpdesk, and we’ll get back to them with a satisfying response ASAP!

There are countless questions we get asked every day, and we plan to answer them all through our helpdesk the moment they pop into your head. Our Knowledge Base and helpdesk will support both monthly bookkeeping clients and annual tax clients. It will even cater to accounting and taxation challenges they want advice for. All clients need to do is visit our helpdesk and raise a ticket with us through a call or email. Once a ticket is created, they can track its progress by checking the support ticket status.

If you’re looking to test out this nifty new helpdesk service visit Knowledge Base helpdesk by clicking here. It’s 100% free, customer friendly, and reliable, just like the rest of our services.

As the foremost accountants in Leduc, Alberta, we enjoy providing solutions to accounting problems clients face. Whether it’s finding the ideal merchant processing platform, reviewing cash flow, or identifying creative ways to get income flowing correctly, no problem is too big or small for us to solve.

Moreover, we have over a decade of experience in bookkeeping, personal taxes, corporate taxes, business planning, and payroll services to clients across Leduc, Calmar, Nisku, Devon, Millet, and Edmonton, Alberta. So, you can trust us to provide you with the right clarification, education, solution, and service!

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