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We shared a blog posting in January 2020 discussing three Myths about bookkeeping that primarily centred around one common misconception, that bookkeeping was a compliance based services necessary for filing your tax return at the end of the year.

Myth #1 - It's Just Data Entry

Myth #2 - It's Only Necessary at Tax Time

Myth #3 - I Can Do It Myself

While compliance is one of the benefits of the bookkeeping function in reality it is just a small component of the potential value that can be achieved by a high quality bookkeeping service.

The Outsourced Accounting Department is a bookkeeping service that has been developed by Birch Accounting for the purpose of unlocking the full value of the bookkeeping function. At Birch Accounting we recognize maximizing profit and ensuring consistent cashflow can make the difference between a business that just barely survives and a business that thrives. Our mission therefore is to help our clients improve their profitability and generate predictable cashflow, empowering those business owners to build the business of their dreams.

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