Leduc Alberta Corporate Tax Services

Yes, we deal with the compliance as well. We take the income statement and balance sheet and create beautiful reports that CRA likes to see on an annual basis (Returns are due 6 months after year end and taxes due 2-3 months after year end). Not sure if you have the right information in order to process these works of art? Send us what you have and we’ll let you know what’s missing.

We like to work with owner-operated companies, we help plan the most tax effective way to get money out of your company and into your family’s hands. We also look at your future personal monetary needs – how do you need to declare that income so that your bank is happy? We work with your mortgage or loan professional to make sure you won’t be paying more in personal interest than you have to (it’s not usually deductible so let’s keep it as low as possible!).

We can also look at your corporate structure and working with your lawyer create a tax-effective structure that offers the most flexibility year over year.

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