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Birch Accounting seeks to provide the highest quality accounting services to the local small business community. Whether it be bookkeeping services like our innovative Outsourced Accounting Department [link back to the page that describes this service] or Corporate Tax Services like T2 Corporate Tax Preparation, NTR, Review Engagements, Audits, or Tax Planning and Advice Birch Accounting is here to help. We have a trusted network of Professional CPA firms that we work with who can provide any of the Corporate Tax Services that you and your business may require. If you need assistance with any of these services we'd be more than happy to make a personal introduction to one of these local professionals.

We are passionate about supporting the small business community in every way we can. Together with our trusted network of Professional CPA firms we help plan the most tax effective way to get money out of your company and into your family’s hands. We also look at your future personal monetary needs – how do you need to declare that income so that your bank is happy? We work with your mortgage or loan professional to make sure you won’t be paying more in personal interest than you have to (it’s not usually deductible so let’s keep it as low as possible!).

We can also look at your corporate structure and working with your lawyer create a tax-effective structure that offers the most flexibility year over year.

Are you not sure what deductions are available to you this or the previous year? We Can Help You!

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