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How we prioritize timely communication to meet your specific needs - Blog by Birch Accounting & Tax Services

Communication has the power to breathe life into any relationship, while the lack of communication can strangle even the strongest relationship.

One of the reasons I’m most frequently provided by prospects and new clients as to why they’re seeking a new bookkeeper is poor communication. This comes in one of two forms:

1) My bookkeeper is never available and won’t returns my calls, and
2) My bookkeeper won’t answer the questions I have about my business financials.

This lack of timely and thoughtful communication also leads to two very impactful side effects:

1) Missed deadlines which frequently result in fines or penalties, and
2) Lack of clear knowledge of financial performance resulting in poor decisions and an underperforming business.

To be fair, most bookkeepers are technically great at what they do, but with 1 significant flaw. They take on too much work which leads them to become overwhelmed and the first side effect of being overwhelmed is poor communication.

At Birch Accounting we’ve responded to this challenge in three ways:

1) We hire talented bookkeepers, not data entry clerks,
2) We carefully monitor work loads to ensure that we always have excess capacity, and
3) We use a disciplined pricing model that forces us to analyze the scope of work and perform proper due diligence BEFORE we start a relationship with a new client, eliminating surprises and ensuring we can add quality team members when work loads increase

With that in mind the third topic in our series YOUR BOOKKEEPER SHOULD... is to provide TIMELY COMMUNICATION.

To learn more about how we ensure TIMELY COMMUNICATION, or if you’d like to discuss your bookkeeping needs with us, reach out through our website. We'd love to hear from you.


Stay tuned over the next four weeks as we share the next 7 items in our series.


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Our Bookkeepers ensure timely communication to meet all your financial needs - Blog by Birch Accounting