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Professionals are hired to be a guide helping their clients navigate an unfamiliar world.

Years of training, mentorship and ongoing professional development are designed to ensure that the professional you hire is qualified to act as your guide. This ongoing training is required because we live in a world that is constantly changing.

We all know that technology is disrupting every aspect of our lives. This includes our professions. Furthermore, there are often many technology solutions offered in each profession forcing individuals to learn them all, or focus on just one.

The bookkeeping profession is no different. Some professionals focus on Quickbooks and some of Sage or Xero. Some use cloud accounting like QBO while others still prefer desktop software. And then there are apps… hundreds of specialized software that provide expert solutions for certain aspects of the business, like time tracking, digital document capture or on demand reporting.

In this complex digital world, it is CRITICAL to ensure that the professional you hire is not trying to be ‘all things to all people.’ Remember, they are hired to be YOUR GUIDE helping you navigate an unfamiliar world.

At Birch Accounting we respond to this challenge in three ways:
1) We use ONLY Quickbooks Online (QBO) - This means we don't waste resources trying to keep up with the latest developments of multiple software.
2) Every team member must have QBO ProAdvisor Certification and QBO Advanced Certification (the same applies to any other apps we use).
3) We are willing and able to demonstrate how this technology will be of benefit BEFORE we start a relationship with a new client.

BONUS: You'll never feel like you're paying an amateur twice what you should because they're wasting time in a software they don't understand.

With that in mind the fourth topic in our series YOUR BOOKKEEPER SHOULD... is to provide TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE.

To learn more about how we demonstrate TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE, or if you'd like to discuss your bookkeeping needs with us, reach out through our website. We'd love to hear from you.

Stay tuned over the next three weeks as we share the next 6 topics in our series. Last week: 3) TIMELY COMMUNICATION

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Benefit your business with our Technological Expertise - Blog by Birch Accounting