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Learn about our Client Specific Procedure Manual for timely financial reporting - Blog by Birch Accounting

No two businesses are identical! Every business is unique!

This description often brings to mind an image of a snowflake or a butterfly and while many do indeed share common characteristics an up-close look will clearly demonstrate the unique beauty associated with each individual.

The up-close differences in each business can have significant impacts on the accounting services required and the way they are performed. A brief list of these differences can include:

1) Is there just one owner or are there several? Who are the decision makers?
2) Do the owners mix personal transactions with business?
3) Are the owners consistently expanding? Are they maintaining status quo? Are they shrinking?
4) Is the business high volume low margin? Or low volume high margin?
5) Are margins tight or are margins strong? Are they changing?
6) Are customers offered terms, do they pay deposits up front, are they offered payment plans?
7) Does the business pay for most purchases on a credit card at time of purchase, do they have terms? If so are invoices paid on time? Are they paid in full or are partial payments sometimes made?
8) Are staff paid salary, hourly, commission, or bonuses?
9) Are lines of credit being used?

Believe it or not, all these questions and many more will impact the methodology of maintaining accounting records.

With an appreciation for this uniqueness, at Birch Accounting we prepare a Client Specific Procedure Manual for every single client we work with. This helps improve the client experience in 4 distinct ways:

1) Consistency - We ensure every client experiences consistent high quality service whether their regular bookkeeper is in the office or on vacation.
2) Efficiency – We minimize redundant conversations that drive business owners crazy such as having to repeat the same instructions month after month.
3) Timeliness – We take control of the bookkeeping process which helps us deliver timely reporting of critical financial information.
4) Guidance – We develop meaningful guidance for our clients helping them take control of their business.

With that in mind the fifth topic in our series YOUR BOOKKEEPER SHOULD... is to develop a CLIENT SPECIFIC PROCEDURE MANUAL.

To learn more about how we our CLIENT SPECIFIC PROCEDURE MANUAL strengthens our clients businesses, or if you’d like to discuss your bookkeeping needs with us, reach out through our website. We'd love to hear from you.

Stay tuned over the next three weeks as we share the next 5 items in our series.


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How our Client Specific Procedure Manual ensures accurate accounting for your business - Blog by Birch Accounting