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How Full-Service Accounting can relieve financial stress for small businesses - Blog by Birch Accounting.

Keeping tabs on the financial pulse of your business should not be complicated… AND it definitely should not take focus away from business development and management of operations.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the challenges associated with scheduling staff or coordinating a critical project, ensuring quality results are achieved and deadlines are met. The more moving parts there are to coordinate the more complex this task becomes and the more time and energy is spent ensuring the job is completed accurately and on time.

Now imagine that you’re responsible for coordinating this project but you can’t speak your native language. Over time you may become familiar with the new language, but how much time and energy would this require and what other critical responsibilities will be neglected as a result. Even outsourcing the individual responsibilities doesn’t remove this stress because you’re expected to speak the language of each professional in order to see the project through to completion.

To truly eradicate financial stress in your organization you need to have a coordinator responsible for the entire project who fluently speaks the language of the professionals doing the work, which is why it’s critical that YOUR BOOKKEEPER SHOULD… be able to OFFER FULL SERVICE ACCOUNTING, not just data entry.

What to Look For:
1) Are they EXPERTS in the software they are using… both accounting platform and all apps? PS Don’t forget to ask about certifications!
2) Do they have BACKUP in place for those times when the primary bookkeeper is not available (vacation/sick)?
3) Are they PROFICIENT in working with complicated PAYROLL situations?
4) Do they manage effectively to sales tax DEADLINES?
5) Are they CONFIDENT in communicating with CRA?
6) Do they have strong relationships with QUALIFIED experts, such as CPA’s who will ensure corporate taxes are filed accurately and on time, who can provide expert tax planning advice and act as a guide as the business experiences growth?
7) Do they promote MONTHLY REPORTING to ensure that critical business decisions are informed by real time financial analysis?
8) Can they MANAGE other accounting responsibilities such as bill payments, vendor reconciliations and cash flow planning?

To learn more about how offering FULL SERVICE ACCOUNTING works to eradicate financial stress and free business owners up to focus on business development activities and managing the operations of their business, or if you’d like to discuss your bookkeeping needs with us, reach out through our website. We'd love to hear from you.


Stay tuned over the next two weeks as we share the remaining 3 topics in our series.


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