Mission & Values

Mission - To Eradicate YOUR Financial Stress

  1. Build Trust - We seek to BUILD TRUST, with our team, with our clients and within the communities that we live and work.
  2. Create Added Value - We endeavor to CREATE VALUE by expanding the purpose of what a bookkeeping firm should be.
  3. Clear and Timely Communication - We intend to prioritize communication focussing on CLEAR, TIMELY and INTENTIONAL COMMUNICATION.
  4. Passion & Love - We are PASSIONATE and WE LOVE WHAT WE DO.
  5. Partnership - We are committed to establishing PARTNERSHIP with our TEAM with our CLIENTS and with our TRUSTED NETWORK of PROFESSIONALS
  6. Great with Numbers AND with People - Our team, who are GREAT WITH NUMBERS AND WITH PEOPLE are revolutionizing the bookkeeping industry.
  7. Image of a Chain - Like the links of a chain, if any of these values becomes weak the entire chain, the mission of Birch Accounting will suffer.